Want to get rid of burnout so you can continue providing for your family?

Feel like you can't keep up? Exhausted from everyday demands? Having moments when you are flooded with emotion and can't think? Feeling like something important is missing? You may even be feeling like an imposter in your own life. You are stressed and you want to feel better, but how?

Read on...

You don't have to live with emotional overwhelm

Step off the rat-wheel of constant ongoing emotional overwhelm and live calmly, comfortably, confidently.

Feel better fast

In 6 weeks you'll gain the ability to control your emotions instead of letting them control you::

  • Understand how you got to this feeling of overwhelm and how to escape that cycle - it's not your fault!

  • Feel better in minutes with easy techniques, escaping the cycle of chronic overwhelm once and for all.

  • Turn off the daily anxiety with powerful tools that use your subconscious mind to help you get more of what you want.

  • Use hypnosis secrets to eliminate inner blocks to your confidence and happiness.

  • Learn how to change your negative thoughts and self-talk to an inner dialogue that is pleasant and peaceful.

  • Deal with normal everyday disappointments and setbacks of life with confidence and grace, feeling strong and capable.

You are not alone

and it's not your fault you feel this way.

This course will enable you to shift how you think and how you feel. Easy-to-learn techniques (Including an Emotional First Aid Kit) help you feel better fast, starting with the very first week, so you can take care of yourself and your family with confidence and grace.

Course includes:

Watch, listen, learn at your own comfortable pace

  • 21 videos (from 4 minutes to 38 minutes)

  • 6 live calls via Zoom each Wednesday from 5pm-6:30pm PST

  • Private Facebook group for community and support as you learn

  • PDF information & activity worksheets to download

  • Hypnosis audio recordings with Binaural Beats

  • Group guided meditation 6-6:30pm PST on every Zoom call

  • Accessible from any time zone

I can hardly wait to get started...

goosebumps and hope

Allison McKay Shahan RN

Just watching the preview - the ten minute introduction video - gave me goosebumps and hope.

What others are saying...

Her Practice is solid - evidence based.

Kari Galbraith, RN

I have been in a room where Kathie gently hypnotized 40 people. It was a soft lovely feeling, and there was a power in the feeling too. She is a woman of science. Her practice is solid, evidence based. As a person, Kathie is welcoming and one feels intrinsically that she can be trusted. I’ve known Kathie for years but these days, when she speaks of her hypnotherapy practice, she lights up like I’ve never seen. I know she changes lives for the better. Take the next step- Let Kathie help you.

..new insights...Recommended!

Susan Engleking

I found Kathie Hardy's Managing Emotional Overwhelm to be the high point in my week for six weeks. I've learned several new, invaluable techniques to deal with runaway emotions that would otherwise sabotage my happiness and productivity. From the "first aid kit" to the surprising practicality of self-hypnosis, I expect to be practicing and improving a whole new set of arrows in my quiver to help recenter myself, especially in these difficult times. I especially appreciated the guided meditations. Strange, but several therapists in my life failed to ask one of Kathie's most basic questions, which brought all new insights. Recommended.

Wonderful course...great tools...

Lori Jo Smith

This is a wonderful course with great tools that can be accessed quickly. Anything from a tool that in just minutes can level out your emotions up to hours of meditative listening for deep healing. Kathie is personable, relatable and a gift to all who know her.

Course begins Monday, November 16th, 2020

Feel better by Wednesday

This student said:

Kathie's program helped me navigate all the feelings I was experiencing

Catherine Darkenwald

From a recent student: "After losing my dear mother to COVID-19 this spring, I became extremely overwhelmed with many emotions. Grief, anxiety, sadness, loss of control, and feelings of extreme guilt paralyzed me. "I was fortunate to come across Kathie Hardy's online program- "Managing Emotional Overwhelm". Her program was very instrumental in helping me navigate all the emotions I was experiencing and it helped me get on the path to healing. After completing the program, I found myself more centered, emotionally stronger and walking towards the light each day. The personal interaction with the tools, videos, worksheets she provides is what made her program successful for me. I highly recommend what Kathie offers to anyone (especially in these trying times) who needs assistance with emotional issues and general mental health."

After seeing Kathie...

After seeing Kathie...

Lynne Potter Lord

After seeing Kathie, I was relieved of the ruminating thoughts I had for 10 years after my messy divorce. It made a huge difference in my life. Huge. And because of that experience, I became a hypnotherapist myself.

More from the August 2020 class...

Four weeks into Managing Emotional Overwhelm...

by Sunna Kraushaar

I am currently enrolled in Kathie's Managing Emotional Overwhelm class and I am learning so much. During this time, especially, it is great to be a part of an online group. We are all participating in the once a week zoom meetings, and in between, we have assignments, like reading, watching videos, and practicing the techniques we're learning about. Kathie is a compassionate teacher/mentor who is grounded, talented, articulate, with a great sense of humor, too. I highly recommend her class. Thank you for all your wisdom, Kathie. Your sense of humor and tender heart make being with you a treasure. I feel like I have learned so much from you in such a short amount of time. Namaste.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed/anxious in their daily lives.

M. H.

From the very beginning of the course, Managing Emotional Overwhelm, I was able to become more relaxed in just minutes. Kathie’s course taught me many useful techniques that I can use in any stressful situation. She includes real life situations that are easily relatable. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed/anxious in their daily lives. I look forward to more courses offered by Kathie in the future.

Why not do something that can help heal your mind, body, and soul?

Dr. Pamela Grogan

Why not do something that can help heal your mind, body, and soul? The Managing Emotional Overwhelm class helped me decrease stress and manage the changes we all have had to face. Kathie Hardy is a highly educated health care professional, speaker, and board certified hypnotist. I must admit, as a health care professional myself; I was skeptical, how could this possibly work? But Kathie guided each participant through a series of discussions, practice exercises, and hypnosis. Do you need help with focusing, anger, self-destructive behavior, or just life in general? Reach out to Kathie, take the class; in my opinion, you can’t go wrong.

Now is the time!

Get off the exhausting rat-wheel of stress, anxiousness, and endless negative thoughts.

You can learn to change how you think inside, how you feel inside, and your life will change as a result. It is not necessary to change the other people in your life to improve your life experience.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Lesson 1 First Aid for Emotional Overwhelm

    • Lesson 1a Understanding How You Got Here/It's Not Your Fault (14 min)

    • Blessing For a New Beginning

    • Lesson 1b Your Emotional First Aid Kit (10 min)

    • Lesson 1c Pleasure and Happiness Anchor (3.5 min)

    • Lesson 1d Walk to 90 (11 min)

    • Conversation with 90

  • 3

    Lesson 2 How To Escape Ongoing Emotional Overdrive - Limiting Beliefs and Mistaken Perceptions

    • Lesson 2a Overview and Limiting Beliefs (14 min)

    • Lesson 2b Misperception: Forrest (4 min)

    • Lesson 2c Misperception: Liam (4 min)

    • Lesson 2d - Meditation to 6 (17 min)

    • Lesson 2 Worksheet: Identifying Your Own Limiting Beliefs and Mistaken Perceptions

    • Lesson 2 Worksheet: Conversation with 6

  • 4

    Lesson 3 The Secret Language of Feelings

    • Lesson 3 The Secret Language of Feelings (12 min)

    • My Healthy Distractors

    • Emotion Wheel pdf

    • Emotion Wheel Exercise

  • 5

    Lesson 4: State

    • Lesson 4a Welcome and Technique: Mental Rehearsal (6 min)

    • Lesson 4b Habit Changing From the Feeling State (14 min)

    • Lesson 4c Next Smallest Thing and Saying No (17 min)

    • Lesson 4d About Binaural Beats (8 min)

    • Lesson 4 Human Brainwaves Handout

    • Lesson 4e Sensory Pleasure and Gratitude (14 min)

    • Lesson 4 Five Beautiful Things

    • Lesson 4 Bedtime

    • Lesson 4 Self Care

    • "Three Gratitudes"

    • Garden Mandala Creation (2 min)

  • 6

    Lesson 5 Soundtrack

    • Cover Art RELAXATION and SLEEP

    • SLEEP MP3 Kathie Hardy (see PDF cover) (59 min - to fall asleep or go back to sleep)

    • RELAXATION MP3 Kathie Hardy (see PDF cover) (17 min power nap)

    • Lesson 5a Earworms, Maggie, and the Pearl (6.5 min)

    • Lesson 5b About Anger (6 min)

    • Lesson 5c Audio Recording Guided Meditation Forgiveness (53 min)

    • Lesson 5d Binaural Beats (15 min)

    • Lesson 5e Sticky Note Affirmation Deck (12 min)

    • Binaural Beats

    • Earworms and Random Acts of Kindness

    • Sticky Note Affirmation Deck

  • 7

    Lesson 6 Sovereignty

    • Sovereignty (18.02 minutes)

    • Tools

    • Annie Lamont


CEO, Salish Sea Hypnosis

Katherine Hardy

Katherine Hardy is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, and author of “Migraine Relief with Hypnosis”, published in 2019, and "Quit Smoking For Good with Hypnosis, Without Gaining Weight", published in 2020. She left a successful career in nursing administration and in bedside nursing in ICUs and Emergency Departments after realizing the impact hypnosis can have on helping people overcome addictions, change habits and behaviors, and manage pain. Also known as “The Bad Habit Hacker”, Kathie is particularly interested in helping clients with Emotional Overwhelm because this problem is so pervasive. Kathie sees clients in all time zones online through Zoom. Kathie plays Celtic Harp professionally, and is an avid downhill skier and Master Gardener. You can see the video of how she became a hypnotist on her website: www.SalishSeaHypnosis.com

Message from Kathie:

I developed this course because nearly all my hypnotherapy clients, no matter what they came to me for, were also struggling with emotional overwhelm. For much of my own life, I was caught up in emotional overwhelm. That changed when I became a hypnotherapist and learned how to control my mind and harness my emotions. This course contains all the techniques and strategies that I use that I can't fit into the hypnotherapy process and is designed as a stand-alone course or as a resource for hypnotherapy clients.


Course begins Monday, November 16th, 2020

CHOOSE SOVEREIGNTY .....sov·er·eign·ty /ˈsäv(ə)rən(t)e..... Supreme power or authority................ (over your own life)

A recent student said...

The online course was convenient and I listened to nearly all portions while on evening walks. The more meditative portions I had to carve out specific time to listen to most attentively so that I could gain optimal benefit. The section I found most helpful covered forgiveness, as that is something I have wanted to give and get in a few past relationships. Although these relationships are likely irreparable, I gained a significant sense of acceptance and "okayness" with many aspects; surprisingly, the gains made here resonated in that I realized the benefits weeks later when separate issues arose that I had not had in mind when I listened to this section. A bonus is that I was able to share the benefits with others who are also struggling with forgiveness and acceptance and have hardly encouraged them to complete the online course if for no other reason than that portion alone, well worth the monetary, emotional, and time investment. As far as anxiety and overwhelm, the instruction was applicable, reasonable, and encouraging. For people who struggle with emotional paralysis or just feeling buried and unable to take next steps, these sections are very well presented and gave me the sense that progress would be easy and do-able.  As a certified wound and ostomy nurse working with patients experiencing painful procedures, managing cancer or other complex diagnoses, or overcoming drug addiction, I've appreciated having suggestions and tools to share with them. Highly recommended! Beth Carlson MSN RN